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Choosing an attorney presents a difficult task. You are investing your money and hopes in someone whom you do not know very well. When selecting an attorney, choose someone who cares about your case and believes in it. 

While the results below do not offer a guarantee of the same outcome in your specific case, they provide evidence of the hard work we do at the Law Offices Of Amanda T. Adams LLC.

Family Law Example 1

Client's former wife had not allowed him visitation in five years. His son repeatedly asked the client why he would not visit him, really missing his father. In fact, when clients' father, the child's grandfather, died, former wife even refused to let the child see his father and grandfather for the minimal time to attend the funeral.

In a few weeks after Amanda T. Adams entered her appearance on behalf of the client, the client received his rights to regular visitation returned and mom realized that she could not say "we'll see" whenever client wanted to see his son.

Family Law Example 2

Client's former boyfriend misrepresented to the Court that he only made $700 per week. Attorneys subpoenaed client's work records and found out otherwise. 

Client received a $50-per-week increase in Child Support.
Family law

Family Law Example 3

Client's former husband lied to a judge and received a wrongful Order of Protection 
against her, prohibiting her from contacting her children.

Attorney, in four days, interviewed numerous police officers and found out former husband's story was false. Attorney subpoenaed all the relevant police officers to testify and the Order of Protection was dismissed.
Family law

Family Law Example 4

Successfully preempted an attempt to obtain a false order of protection to gain an advantage in a child custody case. The other party was served with custody papers and neglected to tell police when she reported my client for "domestic violence" that they had run over my client's foot.

We obtained an Order of Protection against HER just as she was about to get one against my client and established successful and regular visitation for the Father in a Parentage Act case.

Family Law Example 5

Grandmother had a conflict with mother, my client, who was living with her at age 36 due to economic circumstances. Grandmother attempted to take custody away from the mother through an Order of Protection. Persuaded the judge to conduct an in-chambers live interview with her teenage son and won back custody of mother against grandmother weeks later. 

We also argued that mother's Parentage Act Custody Order, as opposed to the father, was in Wisconsin, and this violated the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act that one state may not modify another state's custody judgment.

Family Law Example 6

Iowa alimony trial victory after being retained to represent husband whose wife was suing him for divorce and alimony in Scott County, IA. Wife, the other party, wanted lifelong alimony although she would only been living with my client for four months and married on paper but physically separated for 1.6 years. 

Opposing counsel, who had been practicing law since I was in 8th grade, insisted on taking the case to trial when we would not agree to lifelong alimony and $13,000. In one week, I researched the case, investigated the facts and Iowa law, and we won the trial. Lifelong alimony was denied because of the short duration of the marriage and other factors.

Family Law Example 7

Mother (opposing party) had told my client's teenage son on multiple occasions she wanted to give him up for adoption. She even hired the same lawyer in 2008 to represent her in terminating her parental rights. 

When my client went after her for child support, she counter-sued for physical and sole custody with the same lawyer under a pretextual emergency motion based on events of over a year ago. With two other attorneys, we filed a Motion for Sanctions and persuaded a Mother-friendly judge to ignore opposing counsel's motion.

Collections Law Example

Clients, small business owners, had $20,200 embezzled from their business. Numerous attorneys turned up their noses at the clients, saying that nothing could be done to collect the embezzled money, or flatly lied to them telling them they would take the case "on contingency" and never bothered to do anything about it.

When Amanda T. Adams took the case, she tracked down numerous public and real estate records, worked with private investigators at a low cost, and won a judgment for more than $30,000 from the person who embezzled from them.

Amanda T. Adams got the defendant, whom other snobbish attorneys felt had the right to retain the funds she stole, arrested and forced the defendant to start paying. For six years, no other attorney would consider the case but Amanda T. Adams forced the defendant to finally own up and pay back the stolen money.

Traffic and Criminal Law Example 1

Client's license had been suspended by the Secretary of State without his knowledge. He was facing Class A Misdemeanor charges, which means up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, plus numerous bureaucratic procedures at the Secretary of State for getting his license reinstated. 

In six weeks, the attorney got the client Supervision, the charges were dismissed, his license back, and a very small court cost and fine.

Traffic and Criminal Law Example 2

The client was facing a several-year-old drug possession charge in Cook County after getting her life in order years later. Police found her on a warrant and she was ordered held without bail. 

Within days, attorney struck a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors for the client to receive probation. While client could have faced years in jail and was looking at at least several months, the attorney got the client out of jail in a matter of days, by diligently pursuing an agreement with the prosecutor.

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