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Trust the recommendations from previously satisfied clients of the Law Offices Of Amanda T. Adams LLC.

However, obtaining a satisfactory outcome in one client's case is not a guarantee on the part of attorney that the same results or outcome will occur in your case.

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Amanda T. Adams handled a very complicated family law case for me recently. My former attorney had really botched up the case several years ago so there was more work to be done in order to get everything resolved.

Her trust, diligence, and much hard work resolved all of the issues in my case. I can't think of any other attorney who would work so hard for anyone as Amanda did for me.
She is truly the attorney you want on YOUR SIDE!

I want to thank you for the work you have done for me. You have been most diligent in researching and handling legal matters on my behalf. I am pleased with the professionalism you have displayed as well as the dedication to obtaining positive results. I have recommended your services to friends and family who have needed legal assistance.

I look forward to working with you on future matters.

MJ, civil client
Amanda Adams proved to be an attorney with great knowledge, stamina and determination. We had 2 judgments on people worth thousands of dollars. Multiple collection agencies and attorneys tried to get money for us from these people with no success. Through her hard work and unfaltering determination, she has done what we thought was impossible. 

Both parties are now in repayment plans and we are actually recovering funds we never thought we would see.

Thank you Amanda!

R.C. and G.C., business owners

You have been a great help to me in my business and family in some tough legal issues. You did what you said you would do, and you did it quickly and your rates were reasonable and fair. 

Thanks for all your help and I'll be working with you in the future when any legal matters arise.

W. D. Wilson
Working with Amanda Adams has been a great pleasure for me. It's very refreshing to have such an honest, trustworthy attorney. I've felt confident she has always had my best interest in mind while making recommendations throughout my custody and child support case. 

I can always count on her to be there on time and to be prepared. I strongly recommend Amanda Adams to anyone dealing with family practice cases. 

Thanks so much for everything, Amanda.

J. Roesch
Amanda was a kind, thoughtful and attentive attorney who made a bad situation for me much more bearable. Her attention to detail and skills as a negotiator weighed greatly in my case coming to a successful and amicable conclusion. 

I am thoroughly impressed, and would seek her advice in the future.

How would I describe Amanda? She is a no-nonsense lawyer who will work hard for you. She worked incredibly hard for me. I was always impressed with her straightforward attitude. She never minces words with me. That is so important these days, since I always feel like people are just trying to sell me things I do not want. But with Amanda, it is very different. 

She walked me through the entire legal process, went through the laws with me and showed me how they would apply to my case, and helped me understand all of my options. She did not sell me one option over another or give me unrealistic expectations. She made absolutely sure I knew what was going on and what would most likely happen if I went forward with any option.

I'll be honest, court cases scare me. They seem so complicated and intimidating. But with Amanda Adams, I really believe you will understand what is going on and have a lawyer who will fight for your best interests! 

Thank you for everything, Amanda!

M.Z., former client
I have had Attorney Amanda Adams for four cases. Amanda is a competent attorney with honesty and integrity. Amanda knows how to fight for her clients and protect her clients' interests.

B. Powell
Ms. Adams is a very ambitious and hardworking attorney who always puts the best interest of her client first. She's a real go-getter and delivers great results. I have always been pleased with the services she's provided!

Amanda Adams,

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me in my divorce case. Not only have you made me feel good through this almost 1-year case and with all my ex-wife's attorney threw at me and I just wanted to give up, you not only talked to me and calmed me down then on top of it all you defended and defeated them. And even more so, you did it for the amount you quoted and I know any other attorney would have increased the price.

You are a great attorney and even a better person.


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